It is said through studies of science that humans only use about 10 percent of their brain. Have you ever sat and thought what it might be like if we could use, 15 percent, or maybe even 25 percent? Imagine what the human race might accomplish or for those more selfish in the frame of mind, image what you yourself might be capable of!  You could be possible of reading minds, or even casting a fireball with manipulation of the energies around you, or you could see into other realms and connect yourself to a higher being than yourself! The possibilities are endless. However, with more use of your brain, the brink of madness looms ever closer.

So you desire to play a character more in-touch with the supernatural. That is more than acceptable. But a few key points to keep in mind before pursuing this path.  Supernatural abilities for the sake of delirium come at a heavy price.  Say you are a seer or a mage, and have more use of your brain, yes that is indeed a bonus to you, and however you are that much more at risk to take the plunge into Insanity. If you have dealings with the demigods, that too comes with a heavy price, which could be your sanity, your soul, or even your life time servitude. Also following the golden rule for anything with power in this room:  power corrupts. Keep that in mind. 

There are lots of possibilities you can do with a magic or occult character.   If you can think of something not listed, and feel it would be a good fit to the atmosphere of the room, go ahead and submit it, or talk to 26 or Cyn about it and we will see if it can work in the room.

Psychics or seers: A person with such abilities uses more of their mind than the average person. It gives them the ability to see into the past, or read people’s minds, or even lift things without so much as lifting a finger. There are many abilities someone can posses. However the human mind is flawed, and with that this power is as well. It might not always work, or it might not work the way you wish it too, and who can guess what would happen if you attempted to do something and lost concentration! The more use of this power, or the stronger you are in your abilities, the more insane you become, the human mind really wasn’t made to handle power such as this. The more susceptible to corruption and manipulation you become as well.

Magic users or Mages:   This can go many ways, but it also requires more use of the human brain then most posses.   Magic users; typically gain in power the more they use their abilities and the more they study. If they make a deal with the deities their power can grow even more. There are many forms you can do with this, such as a spell caster, or an alignment with an element, or simply someone who can manipulate the energies around them.  However, everything done has a reaction. The price of using magic means you take a risk at the repercussions involved. Say you cast a fire ball; you end up with your fingers singed or burned. You produce lightening, and it is as if you got slightly electrocuted yourself. The more powerful you are, yes the less damage you take, just like the more you fight physically the more hits you can take. But again I will mention, power comes at a price of your moral well being and your sanity.

Alchemist: As with any form of magic, it does require more brain use and this more than the others almost. Alchemy by nature is the mixture of science and magic, there for requires a lot of inelegance. This is something studied, though, a hint of magic talent must exist. Mages can peruse this art as well if they desire. However most alchemists are rather crazy as they have lost themselves to their study of their art. This form of magic relies heavily on chemistry and potion making.  Again keep in mind; it is the flawed human brain that is doing this, so not all your potions are going to work, or even work the way intended. They also can back fire on the maker!

Necromancers and Shadow manipulators: This is the power or the darkness; usually people have obtained a pact with a demigod to obtain such power. Or the person is so in tune with the void, that their very insanity has given them these abilities.  This is not abilities the kind hearted and pure can take. This is power with the dark magic of the dead, and the very shadows that surround all of us. As with mages, there are repercussions and back lash attached to abilities that you attempt to do. Also keep in mind the Shadows can attempt to try to attack back at the one trying to control them.