Name: Kira Belikov

Age : 25

Hair : Auburn

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 140 lbs

Occupation: Professional Thief

Classification: Human (with mental abilities)

Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral

Sanity: Mostly Sane

Talents:  Handy with a hand gun, and a sniper rifle.  She’s extremely flexible/limber, and good at gymnastics and martial arts. She has good acting talents and is good at disguise techniques.  Can also pick physical locks and escapism. She also is good at seduction.

Flaws: She has a bad temper, is lecherous, likes pretty things, and rarely can refuse a challenge. She also smokes and drinks.  She also is claustrophobic.

Supernatural talents:  Has psychic healing abilities. She also has slight telepathic abilities, though only with her brother, Dustin.

Supernatural flaws: When she uses her healing ability she causes some amount of pain to herself.  With the telepathic link she has with her brother, if either gets to extreme on an emotion, images and feelings can transfer through the link without them wanting it to happen.

History: Kira and her fraternal twin Dustin were born in Russia.  They grew up as most twins do, extremely close, though as most siblings they also had constant competition and rivalry going.  Kira took gymnastics, and when she was older was allowed to take martial arts with her brother after an incident of her nearly getting mugged when she was growing up.

The parents never talked about their work, other than to mention the “day at the office” normal stuff, and Kira never cared enough to ask. They were home schooled, with a private tutor, and so was constantly kept busy with activities and homework. Whatever their parents did, she knew they were fairly well off especially in Russia. 

When they became older, their parents obviously filled them in, as it was hard to hide things from teenagers, and might as well make it a family business right? Their parents were con-artists and professional thieves. And so the pair was taught the rules of the trade. Both picking up quickly, and rather enjoying the work. It was exciting, it was thrilling, and that suited Kira just fine.

About the time they were 21, their parents were on a job that went bad. Having enough time to inform their children, and tell their children to  wire themselves money into the accounts set up, and take what they could and get to America, which was a safe plan they had set up in case of such a thing. Their parents would do likewise to Europe.

So the twins kept doing what they enjoyed doing once they got settled in the U.S.  They found out their parents made it safely to Europe and had decided to retire.  Kira and Dustin find themselves at present day on Wake Point Island, as it seemed like something about it was drawing them, when they were finding a spot to lay low for awhile after their latest “job”.

Supernatural History:  Kira and Dustin always had that close bond. Even when little they always seemed to know what each other was thinking, that whole twin thing. Though as they aged they found that they could even communicate in their heads when lying in bed in their own rooms, it was something they seemed to have been born with, and as they heard twins were supposed to have a connection they didn’t really ever question why.

As far as her psychic healing goes: Dustin was shot, when they were both around 19 while on a job.  Once they got somewhere they could hide for a bit, Kira looked over the gunshot wound to his leg. She paled, he was bleeding a lot. She got worried and was trying to put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. She wouldn’t’ stop babbling to him, keeping asking him if he was okay and if it hurt. She continued to keep getting worked up. As she did, she suddenly started feeling pain in her leg. Thinking it was just the connection she didn’t think much of it. Then as the pain got too much for her, she backed away clutching her own leg.  She noticed that his leg actually was looking better, and he was feeling better.   But she felt like she had been shot, now. It was bizarre but this was something she would then look into later.  Upon experimentation with her brother later, she found out, that she could heal though taking some of the pain and sometimes the damage along with it.