~~ Buffy ~~


Name : ~ Unknown ~

Alais: Buffy

Age: ~ Unknown ~ She believes she would be in her early to mid 20's, though she looks like she's about 16

What: Werewolf

Alignment: Good

Mental Statis : Debatable

Skills: She's has an amazing talent for cooking, she's also good at sneaking around, pick pocketing, street smarts, and seduction

Flaws : She's kind hearted, uneducated (at least book wise), adicted to drugs (especialy Heroin)



Supernatural Abilities : Can shift (with add of drugs) to a half wolf/half human form. has strengthened hearing and smell

Physical Discription : The girl stands about 5 foot, and weighs maybe 110 lbs. She has lond blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She's extremly skinny, and even though she has to be in her 20's she barely looks 16.

History: Buffy first memories are when she was approximately 6 years old and living in a foster home.  She remembers getting molested by her foster father, and telling ‘mother’ about it, and mother not believing her or perhaps she did, and just didn’t care. She remembered constantly having to do chores and her ‘parents’ doing nothing.  She remembered getting in trouble for any little thing. She remembers not getting to play, except at school. She was one of the unfortunate few who were placed with a family who only wanted the pay check and the live in servant.  She put up with this for about two years before she had enough and ran away.

She was young, but she somehow managed to survive. Doing what she could to survive. She learned the ways quick because it was that or starve to death. Learning to steal, and pick pocket, so she could have bread to eat, she was quite the street rat. But soon that wasn’t enough. In this world you almost have to have at least a couple of dollars to your name, and as she grew up, it was harder to swipe food.  She began offering sexual favors in exchange for cash. Being no stranger to this activity thanks to her ‘wonderful’ foster father. This soon became sex, instead of just sexual favors.

During one such encounter, she was introduced to heroine by a returning customer. Not really by her choice, and was introduced again… and being as the drug does not take long to become hooked on, the poor girl found herself addicted to such a strong drug at a young age. Soon it was not just simple sex she offered, in fact she offered about anything to a guy who was willing to pay the price, simply so she could have her fix. In the years that followed she suffered such brutality and abuse, she would no longer be able to have children, having found this out in one of the free health clinics. This would end up being a blow to her mental state, as despite the life she had, all she ever dreamed about was the white picket fence, and perfect family that she never had.

One night, while she had just slammed her drug of choice, a customer offered her a hefty price.  He then proceeded to try to choke her to death, wanting to have his fun fucking a freshly dead body…. The drug mixed with the adrenaline, mixing with the DNA that coursed in her blood stream, mixing with the simple ‘flight or fight ‘trigger that rested in all living creatures….. And she had her first change, well one that she could remember anyway. Needless to say the guy did not survive.

She was a monster! It horrified her, it also  gave her the idea that maybe she should change her life style. The touch of death, the fact she was a monster.. she could not continue on like this. She swore that she would change her life , and turn it around. In the years that followed she met several people in her life, those who tried to hurt her and those who tried to help her. She had learned in this time period that she had an amazing talent to cook.  One person in her life she had met was Octavian.  She had opened her heart and her home to the man after he had been attacked. The man was on again and off again in her life. No matter where she seemed to go he seemed to follow. The man was possessive, and arrogant. He constantly put her down, and did what he needed to, to control her. Yet some part of her loved him, even still. Through this time she also ended up going back to drugs and prostitution, and back to being sober, and back again.  (way to much history to write on that subject!)

She ended up running from him, yet again, and finding herself in the way of some bad drugs. This time changing and murdering a family, including a small child, also a poor homeless bag lady. The police arrived at the scene with Buffy naked and covered in blood, rocking back and forth uncontrollably surrounded by the mutilated dead bodies. She refused to speak on the matter though the police knew the girl had to have seen the mess.  There was no way however the five foot nothing girl could have done such carnage though! They had her committed into the local asylum in hopes that with theory they might bring the girl out of her shock and awake the memories of what happened that night.
She was eventually transferred to the wake point asylum, for reasons unknown to her. Though at that point she really had no care, having blocked out her memories of the past. Being haunted by both the Mage who haunted her past, and what a monster she truly was. This was until, the reason for her arrival revealed himself to her. The whole thing had been a plot and a ploy…… he had been punishing her! The whole thing to prove she could never run!  She now resides on the island, in the mayor’s manor…  though no longer in the asylum, she still feels very much trapped.