ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:18 AM):
my ex ciara is on now...... great...
the 6 year ex
Cyn says (2:18 AM):
which ex is she
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:19 AM):
the morbid cunt who i was with for 6 years
Cyn says (2:19 AM):
is she trying to talk to you? or she just on?
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:19 AM):
trying to talk to me
she lives here in hutch too
Cyn says (2:20 AM):
what the hell is she wantin? (aside from seeiming to have the uncanny timing of getting ahold of you when yer already in a bad mind set)
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:21 AM):
no fuckin idea
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:24 AM):
*glares at the computer screen*
Cyn says (2:24 AM):
whats going on?
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:24 AM):
she said she misses me and loves me...
Cyn says (2:25 AM):
block her, you don't need that
unless you wana go back down that road but i'm kinda gathering you don
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:25 AM):
Cyn says (2:26 AM):
did you respond to her or just letting it sit there
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:27 AM):
Cyn says (2:28 AM):
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:28 AM):
Cyn says (2:31 AM):
Jeff, yer worring me a bit. do i need to come get you and take you to the shoppe so you can calm down, and i dont' have to worry you'd do anything stupid between home and there?
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:31 AM):
Cyn says (2:33 AM):
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:35 AM):
Cyn says (2:36 AM):
jeff, whats going on? you have me actualy alot worried atm
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:38 AM):
im fucked over thats what
Cyn says (2:42 AM):
i wish i could help
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:42 AM):
well thats what everyone says russ even said hed help he said he had metal but nope.... he doesnt everyone loves to fuck me over big time
and friday ill mostlikly go to fuckin jail
Cyn says (2:43 AM):
....i've tried to help.....
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:43 AM):
remember you said you may help me with the 300
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:44 AM):
cuz im expensive..
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:45 AM):
everyone says theyd help angus and kerry said theyd help me with 400$ nope
Cyn says (2:49 AM):
that expensive comment was a joke i said the same thing about russ. but saying i've screwed you over? I know your stressed, but who has been trying to help you, making sure you had food, running you to drop off the app, getting you the app, making sure you had a truck to take the metal in... and if i had to, to keep you outa jail i should hope you know i'd try to come up with something. for a guy
i've known a week
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:50 AM):
well i did tell you i will mostlikely go to jail if i dont have half and theyd be happly with 300
Cyn says (2:53 AM):
and it's not friday, i was seeing what else you could come up with. Honestly i dont' have as much money as i like to pretend, and have NO income other than school. But right now, i'm hurt, extremly hurt, you'd even consider me in fucking you over when i've done nothing but try to help.
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:55 AM):
I didnt say you specificly i was just stating a point everyone says they are gonna help me but i really dont want to wait til the last min to get shit done do you understand that?
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:57 AM):
fuckin keyboard
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (2:58 AM):
im just really sick of being fucked over by people who promise me shit like to help me get a job and say that i have a job then boom i dont have one cuz of this fuckin probation that i shouldnt even be on cuz im mother fuckin innocent then i get shit piled on me like there is no fuckin end to the world
i feel like giving up
Cyn says (3:00 AM):
at least i've done somethings verse some of the others. others who've known you a hell of alot longer than i have. if that even means anything at this point.
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (3:01 AM):
Cyn says (3:02 AM):
i'll talk to finacial aid tomarrow and see when , with the summer classes i have, when i get money next because i'm scewed if i run out, dad wont pay my car or phone bill or the other loan i have out, because he's pissed at how much money i loaned and spent on randy.
i didnt' take first summer term last year so i have no idea how it works if you take both summer terms
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (3:03 AM):
its not you,.... its every fuckin body else no one seems to give a shit kerry and angus can literally fuck them selves
Cyn says (3:04 AM):
and your venting. I just feel really bad. I'm a giving person. and i honestly give more than i can sometimes. hell sometimes i think i'd let a complete stranger rob me blind. and i know you arn't guilt tripping me but i feel guilty. and i know yer not pointing fingers at me , i'm just wishing i actualy had stable income so i could easly hand you the money
Cyn says (3:05 AM):
i only take summer courses because i have to for money. TBH i tried last year not to.... and it didn't work
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (3:06 AM):
i just wish others would help
Cyn says (3:06 AM):
i would to, cause you seem to be willing to help everyone else
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (3:07 AM):
well maybe you can help raise the money
Cyn says (3:07 AM):
how? most people i know are broke, i've asked if people knew anyone who had odd jobs..., hell i've been trying more than you might know.
Cyn says (3:08 AM):
I've been asking my mom and dad for favors, such as the truck and the faxing and shit to do for someone that might as well be a complete stranger
been having mom and dad check with people at work
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (3:09 AM):
......im about to give up
on everything
Cyn says (3:10 AM):
i'm going to be blunt. havn't known you long enough to be blunt cause i'm scared to be blunt. But right now you are depressed, scared and panicing
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (3:11 AM):
yeah i know
i have been for over a year cuz of this bullshit
im surprised i havent had a over break down
Cyn says (3:11 AM):
i think yer starting to now
Cyn says (3:12 AM):
cause this isn't the jeff i met a week ago right now
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (3:12 AM):
i hid it
Cyn says (3:13 AM):
typical male. *sighs*
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (3:13 AM):
you know what
fuck this


ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:37 PM):
yay i get sexual privledges tonight
Cyn says (8:37 PM):
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:37 PM):
Cyn says (8:37 PM):
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:38 PM):
Cyn says (8:38 PM):
Cyn says (8:39 PM):
that mean you and i are done fucking?
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:39 PM):
i guess so
Cyn says (8:39 PM):
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:40 PM):
her and i are fucking ? duh
Cyn says (8:41 PM):
well. you could be one of those who fucks more than one , sense you arn't in a relationship, hense the question
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:41 PM):
.im like you hun
i dont fuck more then one person at a time and ive known her alot longer
Cyn says (8:42 PM):
yeah, pardon me for feeling slightly used though
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:42 PM):
Cyn says (8:46 PM):
no. dont' bye me hun. we're still friends. but look at it from my point of view. i have self esteme problems, you've prob gathered that.
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:47 PM):
yeah and?
we have known each other a week
ive known her for 2 years
Cyn says (8:50 PM):
i can understand that. hense why i said we're still friends. However, its kinda like "oh hey gonna fuck random chick, k something better has come along, don't know her well so bam she's gone" I supose i worded it worng. Its not that i feel used persay, just you had said you hadn't been in the mood , and agreed you owed me and then this kinda got dumped on me and i was taken back a bit is all.
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:51 PM):
i told you im staying single
if we are gonna be friends your gonna have to learn to put up with it
Cyn says (8:53 PM):
i understand that part. i wasn't pushing for anything with the comments.Thats why i was thinking the fuck buddy part wasn't going to matter sense you were staying single.
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:53 PM):
to beable to keep her as a friend aswell it wouldnt work
Cyn says (8:54 PM):
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:54 PM):
i told you that the other night
Cyn says (8:55 PM):
well she'd claimed biting rights but you'd already told her we'd fucked
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:55 PM):
i have never fucked her
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:56 PM):
im not gonna argue about this cuz its my choice who i fuck and my choice only
Cyn says (8:56 PM):
not argueing, not even saying its bad.
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (8:57 PM):
yeah you were
Cyn says (8:57 PM):
no, i'm saying i was hurt a bit, not the same thing.
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (9:00 PM):
plus she likes me 1040209 x's more then you like me
and i dont want to hurt her that bad
Cyn says (9:03 PM):
and she's been hurt alot from her x
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (9:04 PM):
and im the only one who treats her with respect enough and caring
cuz thats how i am
Cyn says (9:05 PM):
and you care alot about her
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (9:05 PM):
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (9:06 PM):
cuz she is completely innocent
and a guy is fucking her over alot
Cyn says (9:06 PM):
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (9:07 PM):
and yes i do have a love for her
but idk if i could ever be with her more then friends
Cyn says (9:08 PM):
that was obvious the other night
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (9:08 PM):
thats how bad ive been hurt by others
i care alot and love yet i dont want to be with
Cyn says (9:09 PM):
well if all you've ever been is hurt and cheated on, you either do what you are doing, or stupidly try like i do.
ĀÉQŨļŦĀŞ VÈŗįŤĀŞ says (9:09 PM):