~~ Buffy ~~


• Character Name: ~Unknown~

 • Alias: Buffy

• Race: Lycan; - Werewolf

• Affiliation: rogue

• Three Descriptive words: caring,  street-rat, sweet

• Character Description: Buffy stands barely 5 feet tall, and weighs about 110 lbs. She is extremely skinny despite the amount of food she can consume. Due to a horrific past, she never fully developed, and despite her probably being between 18-21 years old, she could pass off for a 14 year old easily. She has long straight blond hair, and piercing baby blue eyes. Also, again despite her past, she has innocence about her, more than likely kept intact by a large heart and ignorance.

When she is shifted she stands a bit over 6 foot, and still rather on the lean side, she can hardly claim an innocent look when she shifts. Her beast like human form is covered with light white fur, and her mouth now holds a set of razor sharp teeth.



• Character Attitude/Mannerisms: Buffy may have lived a bad life and made wrong choices at every turn, but she always remained innocent.  She has a very big heart, and a soft nature. She never had a desire for personal items; she never had a care what was in style. She wanted a happy home life. She could have that living in a castle, or a cardboard box, it did not matter to her. She felt people placed too much importance on material items, and not enough to the important things in life: such as friends and family. She would help out anyone one she could, even give them the last penny to her name or the shirt off her own back. She knows what it’s like to be at the bottom of the barrel, she did not wish such state on anyone. Her heart blinds her however, as she still sees nothing but good in the world, except when she looks at herself. She finds herself a monster, on the full moon it gets proved to her time and time again. Just like what happened on the first full moon her monster showed its ugly face. She gets confused often in conversations, having street smarts, but lacks education as she ran away in the middle of 3rd grade. Some call her week willed, as she seems to have a need to please people, and be liked by others. Yet still she is also called strong willed, as life has handed her a pile of dog shit, she refused to lay down and take it, and struggled in any way she could to maintain afloat. Even still was her upbeat almost cheery nature. She often times will act standoffish, and cold, or like she’s tough shit. it is merely a defense, as the mask is thrown away the moment she finds true acceptance, or she finds someone who might truly need her.  One might find her hard to anger, but that is only when someone is insulting her,   her temper snaps quickly if someone seems to be insulting or out to hurt a companion as she has a truly loyal to a fault nature.  In addition to this though, she lives like someone who has been on the streets. It’s a dog – eat- dog world out there, and as she never laid down upon the ground to show belly up, she  would always continue that struggle, and even with a soft heart she can have a tough shell, that was hardened by what has happened to her on the streets.

• Supernatural Bio: It had only been a few months before she had arrived at Atlantis, she needed money, and she needed it bad. She had gone a few days without a fix, and Buffy knew that that her dealer would be around that night.  So would all the crazy’s. It was supposed to be a full moon tonight, and she wanted to get money made before those types graced the streets. She wouldn’t admit it, but those types caused her to fear.  When willing to do anything for a buck, you found out truly how twisted the human minds truly are.  A man soon approached the young prostitute. He told her a friend had told him about her.  He had told her, that he never had a prostitute before, and that his friend was paying, it was his birthday after all. She agreed to the task, told him half now, other half later, with additional fees depending on what he desired.  He had no issue with such, and followed her around the corner into the alley and behind the trashcan. She got the cash from him, and then let him have his way. The sun was already setting, the ally growing dark.

It was the normal stuff at first, and she soon was on her back. But at that point she also found his hands about her throat, and he started squeezing. She couldn’t breathe, and tried to fight him off, but he was much larger than her. The last thing she remembered seeing was as she began to lose consciousness, was the moon starting to peek up over the horizon….. The bright and full moon.  She started to change, It was painful as her bones and jaw lengthened, bones shifting and popping out of place, her features taking on a very noticeable wolf form….. Air had found its way back. Rage and anger coursed through her body, this man had tried to kill her…. Eyes fell on the man’s panicked freaked out form, and she attacked him, tearing him limb from limb, the anger an almost new sensation. A turning point in her life had arrived. After the would be murderer  lost his life, she managed to regain some control of her anger, but it still coursed through her, but no longer was in a blind rage. She had the mental state to realize she needed to get out, out of the city….  As the thoughts of people who had done her wrong seemed to slide into her thoughts, she had no idea what was going on, but she wanted death, she wanted justice, and she wanted to release her anger. She had no clue what was going on at this point and nor did it matter just this second.  

After dealing with life after her first change, well the one she could remember, life went on. She knew she needed to get off the street, and do something with herself. The thoughts of being a monster echoed in her head. She did not think ill on others of her kind, as the ones she had met had been kind, well at least more kind than she was used to. One such particular werewolf explaining a bit of what he knew to the girl, even hinting that he could know her family. The thought of possibly meeting her family, her real family, seemed to sooth her somewhat. The Werewolf then took her to Atlantis, telling her to wait here for him, and he would attempt to find her family, unless they were already there. She settled there, obtaining a job as a cook at ‘The Tavern’ having learned in her time, when having the opportunity that she was good at cooking. To used to making the nastiest cheapest of meals taste somewhat better. It was busy work that kept her occupied, and was something she enjoyed doing, and was far better than working on the streets.  She knew she had to stay on her toes at the tavern, and though she was tiny, she did know how to survive, and where lacked in strength gained in agility. She kept her hair under a cap while working, and as she maintained that childish form, she could pass off as a young lad as much as she could a very obvious tomboy. She had managed to curb her drug  habit somewhat by this time, but especially in times of stress she is unable to stay clean.

• Full Bio: Buffy first memories are when she was approximately 6 years old and living in a foster home.  She remembers getting molested by her foster father, and telling ‘mother’ about it and mother not believing her or perhaps she did, and just didn’t care. She remembered constantly having to do chores and her ‘parents’ were doing nothing.  She remembered getting in trouble for any little thing. She remembers not getting to play, except at school. She was one of the unfortunate few who were placed with a family who only wanted the pay check and the live in servant.  She put up with this for about two years before she had enough and ran away.

She was young, but she somehow managed to survive. Doing what she could to survive. She learned the ways quick because it was that or starve to death. Learning to steal, and pick pocket, so she could have bread to eat, she was quite the street rat. But soon that wasn’t enough. In this world you almost have to have at least a couple of dollars to your name, and as she grew up, it was harder to swipe food.  She began offering sexual favors in exchange for cash. Being no stranger to this activity thanks to her ‘wonderful’ foster father. This soon became sex, instead of just sexual favors.

During one such encounter, she was introduced to heroine by a returning customer. Not really by her choice, and was introduced again… and being as the drug does not take long to become hooked on, the poor girl found herself addicted to such a strong drug at a young age. Soon it was not just simple sex she offered, in fact she offered about anything to a guy who was willing to pay the price, simply so she could have her fix. In the years that followed she suffered such brutality and abuse, it would be highly unlikely she would have children, having found this out in one of the free health clinics. This would end up being a blow to her mental state, as despite the life she had, all she ever dreamed about was the white picket fence, and perfect family that she never had. However, it was not stated that it was impossible, merely unlikely, so she still held that hope she always seemed to posess.

• Character Skills:
Sleight-of-hand: Used for pick pocketing, or stealing small easily concealed items.

Cooking: She has learned through the years that she is an almost natural cook.  It’s something she loves to do, and has been told over and over she is amazing at it. Having gained practice while trying to make bland, almost tasteless cheap or stolen food taste better, with what’s available.

Persuasion: She has the practiced ability to try to get what she wants from people.  It might be the child like demeanor, or the innocence about her, but see seems to have the knack to talk people into what she wants or into helping her. She knows how to use the write tones and the right looks to help her in said senerios.

• Character Abilities:
Regeneration: Werewolves are one of the few races that are able to regenerate automatically. Wounds not made by silver (see below) tend to heal shortly after the wound was inflicted. This makes it difficult to cause serious damage to a werewolf outside of silver and tends to require catastrophic damage to put one down.

Strength x5 – Speed x6 – Toughness x6

• Anything else: *Sleepy Cyn apologizes for any errors*